Eileen O’Neill

  1. Barbara Rhoades, There Was A Crooked Man, 1970.    Not many TV actors would dare refuse a Joseph L Mankiewicz film – even if, for once, he didn’t script it. His penultimate movie was his first Western, toplining Kirk Douglas and Henry Fonda – as inmate and warden of a desert prison. “When I read the script,” Eileen explained, “my character is ravaged by the revolting prisoners and they tear her clothes off. She then had to run nude from the prison to an outside area lit with floodlights.” Barbara was indeed, shot topless and jaybird naked in the desert – resulting in a (scorned) Playboy offer. Although cut from the movie, the nudity did not harm the career of the redhead from Ploughkeepsie – still screen acting in 2007.


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