Ellie Kemper

  1. Rashida Jones, Parks and Recreation, TV, 2009-2013.     Testing for Role A and being given  Role B  is not unsual, but testing or Series A and thereby winning a role in Series B – now, that’s rare! It  happened to the Kansas City actress.  After  testing for P&R’s Ann Perkins in The Office-style mockumentary, she became the new receptionist/secretary Erin Hannon, on the real Office – for 102 episodes.
  2. Ariel Winter, Mr Peabody & Sherman, 2013.   Kemper, Elizabeth Banks, Tina Fey – even Meryl Streep – were heard for voicing Penny Peterson, classmate of Sherman, the adopted human son of Mr. P, the most amazing time-travelling dog!  Mann also played Patty’s mother.

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