Emmanuelle Riva


  1. Juliette Mayniel,Le couple, France, 1959.  Rebel realisateurJean-Pierre Mocky boasted that his second film startedthe style ofLa Nouvelle Vaguebefore the New Wave first splashed. Hardlytrue… Among the actresses he interviewed for Anne were Riva from Alain Resnais’ Hiroshima Mon Amour and Mayniel from Claude Chabrol’s Les cousins.
  2. Jeanne Moreau, Mademoiselle, UK-France, 1965.   Problem was that too many people “owned” it as writer Jean Genet kept selling the rights when he needed money. Orginally, he’d written it for Anouk Aimée  as a wedding present when he was Best Man at her marriage to her second husband, Ethiopian auteur Nikos Papatakis in 1951. She  offered the script to her La tête contre les murs director Georges Franju. “If I’d agreed to Romy Schneider,” he said, “I could’ve made it straight away. When I mentioned Anouk, the producers replied: It’s not Anouk these days, it’s Marie Laforet.”  Franju  next preferred Emmanuelle Riva before Tony Richardson directed Moreau; two years (and one more  film together) later, she was co-respondent in his divorce from Vanessa Redgrave.  So Moreau promptly quit Richardson’s episode in the Red, White and Zero film in 1967.  Her replacement?  Vanessa.  And you thought French films were complicated! 

 Birth year: 1927Death year: 2017Other name: Casting Calls:  2