Fay Wray

  1. Carole Lombard,I Take This Woman, 1931.   After three attempts, Paramount saw scant future in trying to match Fox’s top pair, Charles Farrell-Janet Gaynor, with Gary Cooper-Wray… or Ann Harding.  Now Cooper-Lombard…. smells of victory!   Meanwhile, Fay had her most celebrated date with… King Kong.  And as she used tyo say: “Every time I walk by the Empire Sta
  2. Loretta Young, A Man’s Castle, 1933.    Wray and Spencer Tracy talked about the roles when shooting Shanghai Madness. She signeda photo to him, “with all my admiration.” Next night she said Hello when seeing him drunk aclub’s bar. “He looked at me but didn’t know me or, apparently, even see me,.I didn’t get the part…” Loretta became infatuated with Tracy (for a year) . “The story was a trifle,” she said, “butbut we lived it.” (She later had a child with his best pal, Clark Gable).
  3. Virginia Bruce,  Society Doctor, 1934.   Wray “skipped out” when the new kid on the MGM block, Robert Taylor, took over what had been a Clark Gable vehicle. Taylor and Bruce were kept together for another ex-Gable project that year, Times Square Lady, 1934.
  4. Madeliene Carroll, The Prisoner of Zenda, 1936.   Colour footage of Wray’s test as Princess Flavia (probably from Douglas Fairbanks Jr’s home movies) are in the Motion Picture Academy’s archive. 
  5. Gloria Stuart, Titanic, 1996. 

 Birth year: 1907Death year: 2004Other name: Casting Calls:  5