Felice Schacter

  1. Dana Plato, Different Strokes, TV, 1978-19086.   Another of the Norman Lear rep comany sitcoms of interchangeable casts and tales. Didnlt really matter who played the 13-year-old Kimberly, the first signed Schachter or Plato as this show was hung like a ribbon around the neck of the irritating little Gary Coleman. Felice became the first signing for the spun-off Facts of Life and, sadly, the first girl axed from the second season’s reboot. She got a bum deal, said co-star Mindy Cohn. Very hurt at first, Felice  but made good use of the time off for college and a future career in TV production… on such shows as  JAG and Diok Wolf’s Law and Order: SVU.

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