Felicity Huffman

  1. Penelope Ann Miller, Awakenings, 1989. She auditioned for the girl Robert De Niro fell for – daughter of a fellow patient at a Bronx mental hospital.
  2. Diane Venora,  Thunder Alley, TV, 1994-1995.  A retired Ed Asner sounds fun. Possibly. Except this was  not  Lou Grant’s third act.  He’s stuck with a divorced daughter and her three horro – rs, including Haley Joel Osment. The daughter was Huffman in the Disney pilot, Venora for the next eight episodes and Robin Riker for 19 more as the whole shebang slid down the drain.
  3. Debra Messing, The Mysteries of Laura, TV, 2014-2016.  Huffman and Demi Moore were also up for  the smartest NYPD cop  (and single Mom with two sons) in the NBC  take on the 2009 Spanish show, Los misterios de Laura – cleverly used as opening act for  Law & Order: Special Victims Unit for two years.

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