Florence Bellamy

  1. Sirpa Lane, La bête, France, 1974.    The Walerian Borowczyk classic grew out of enlarging one of his 1973 Contes immoraux/Immoral Tales.  The beautuous Bellamy (reminiscent of the young Marianne Faithfull)  starred in the tale about Lucrezia Borgia and said that Boro had invited her to be Romilda de l’Esperance,  the beauty for his Beast.  Apparently, she fled on understanding just how intimate she  was expected to be with the Beast.   She played just three other films  – including the finales  of Jean Gabin and Patrick Dewaere: L’année saint, 1975, and Paradis pour tous, 1982 – before becoming  a literature  professor. She also co-wrote the preface for the the re-issue of the 1890s’ Vingt femmes by the Decadent Movement’s Jean Lorrain – Sarah Bernhardt called him an  abominably depraved being with “the heart of a great artist, a genuinely sensitive and tender heart. ” Sounds like Boro would have loved him. 

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