Fred Savage

  1. Scott Nemes, It’s Gary Shandling’s Show, TV, 1986-1990.   While still headlining  The Wonder Years,  1988-1993 (13 chapters also featured Nemes), Savage was seen for Grant Schumaker, son of some Shandling friends, in an earlier show about nothing.  That is, nothing but sundering the fourth wall,  as best suited Shandling’s very particular form of TV comedy. Almost on  par with Tony Newley’s magical  Strange World of  Gurney Slade on 1960.  (I said almost). Next came Garry as The Larry Sanders Show, then came Seinfeld…  Game over.
  2.  Macauley Culkin, Richie Rich, 1994. Warners dropped US TV’s top kid (The Wonder Years)   for the movies’ top kid and the Home Alone   star (or his career-ruining father) staggered the studio by taking the title too literally – asking for $4m plus 10% of the gross.   Warners offered $1.5m.   But “Big   Mac” had   got   $5m for Home Alone   II, 1992. 

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