Gale Gordon

  1. William Frawley, I Love Lucy, TV, 1951-57.   On the skids, Frawley actively campaigned to play  Fred Mertz on learning Gordon was unavailable.   Desi Arnaz  liked Frawley. “But he’s a womaniser, gambler and alcoholic.” “Perfect!”  said Arnaz, husband  and co-star of Lucy, herself:  Lucille Ball.   And Frawley was –  in three other Lucille Ball  series and two tele-films, 1951-80.  Despite hating each other, the Mertz actors  were offered a  1959 spin-off. Frawley was keen – “I’m going to learn to love that bitch” – but his tele-wife Vivian Vance fled.  She cried “Champagne for everyone!” when he died in 1966  –   as we all should – walking along Hollywood Boulevard after seeing a movie.  

 Birth year: 1906Death year: 1995Other name: Casting Calls:  1