Gary Graham

  1. Avery Brooks, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, TV, 1993-1999.    Candidates for Captain, later Commander Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, in the finest Trek series (from producer-creator Rick Berman) also included; Eriq La Salle (later ER’s Dr Peter Benton)(, James Earl Jones,  Alexander Siddig (who stayed on as Dr Bashir), and Candy Man Tony Todd. Brooks   ruled DS9, the sole actor in all   172 episodes.
  2. Kate Mulgrew, Star Trek: Voyager, TV, 1996-2001.     As Oscar Wilde would have said: To lose one Startfleet skipper may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both looks like carelessness… He was among the three guys reading for Captain Janeway guys – the other were posh Londoner Nigel Havers and intense San Antonian Rene Rivera – if Paramount suits turned too macho about about having a dame messing with their space toys. Graham was eventually accepted by Star Trek: Enterprise, as Vulcan Ambassador Soval, 2001-2005. Kate, the ex-Mrs Columbo, TV, 1979, ran a tight ship for six seasons.  


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