George.C Eastman


1. – Terence Hill,  Lo chiamavano Trinità/They Call Me Trinity, Italy, 1970. For his second movie, director Enzo Barboni  initially decided to team  up Peter Martell (once the Spaghetti Western hero, Ringo) and Eastman, a  Genoa advertising artist with  more credited names  than  Jess Franco including: John Cart, Alex Carver, Lew Cooper, Richard Franks, GL Eastman, George Histman, Louis London, Gigi Montefiori, Tom Salina… Martell and Eastman were born Pietro Martellanza and Luigi Montefiori, just as Bud Spencer and Terence Hill  (who eventually  made 18 films together) were really  Carlo Pedersoli and. Mario Girotti.

 Birth year: Death year: Other name: Luigi MontefioriCasting Calls:  0