George E Stone

  1. George Brent, From Headquarters, 1932.    Michael Curtiz was first due to helm the whodunnit with Stone, Bette Davis and Glenda Farrell, suspected – like everyone else in the cast! – of knocking off the blackmailer, drug addict and double-crossing swine played by Kenneth Thomsen. William Dieterle helmed. Stone quit. He didnlt like mug-shots?
  2. Sid Tomack, Boston Blackie’s Chinese Venture, 1949.   Despite proving anexpensive sidekick (forgetting his lines and requiring numerous re-takes), Stone lasted for a dozen chapters until replaced by Tomack for the 14th and final case for Chester Morris as ex-con writer Jack Boyle’s  thief, rehabilitated as a shamus for the movies (and radio). As surprising as Inspector Morse’s name being finally revealed as Endeavour, Blackie was really… Horatio Black.

 Birth year: 1903Death year: 1967Other name: Casting Calls:  2