George Maharis

  1. Glenn Corbett, Route 66,TV, 1964.  Maharis walked off the hit series in the third season due to medicaland contract issues.  Corbett took over, ratings dropped and CBS cancelled the show.  Just as well, as the fifth season was to be set in…  Europe. Making complete nonsense of the titile.
  2. Dick Van Dyke, The Art of Love, 1964.   James Garner was always Casey – well, he was the co-producer. But who should be his roomie in a made-in-Hollywood Paris, an artist faking a suicide to increase the value of his work. Paul went through Tony Curtis, John Gavin, singer Robert Goulet, Rock Hudson, George Maharis, even Oskar Werner, before being rather well played by Van  Dyke.  Good name for a guy playing a painter!
  3. Dirk Bogarde, Darling, 1965.     Hollywood guys were scared off by the importance of the titular role. They were right. Julie Christie ran with  it – to an Oscar. 
  4. Clint Eastwood, Paint Your Wagon, 1968.     Debatable who had the better singing voice, but it was box-office clout that counted for Pardner, aka  (as revealed by the end of the musical Western) Sylvester Newel.  “With one L.”  


 Birth year: 1928Death year: 2023Other name: Casting Calls:  4