Georges Wilson

  1. Pierre Brasseur, Les Mariés de l’an II (UK: The Scoundrel), France-Italy-Roumania, 1970.    The film’s hero, Jean-Paul Belmondo, insisted upon the veteran ( 150 screen roles in 49 years) playing his father, instead of director Jean-Paul Rappeneau’s choice (Lambert Wilson’s father). It proved to be the old-timer’s penultimate movie. 
  2. Laurence Olivier, A Little Romance, 1978.    This is why Lambert Wilson studied drama in London. He wanted  to become perfectly bilingual so that he would never have to refuse an offer like father had to here. US director George Roy Hill agreed that Georges’ English wasn’t good enough and then discovered that Sir Larry, himself, was available for some boulevardier schtick as old Julius.  Neither the Anglo-Saxon title, nor the  French I love you, je t’aime,   matched Patrick Cauvin’s French book, E=mc2 Mon Amour.

 Birth year: 1921Death year: 2010Other name: Casting Calls:  2