Gérard Jugnot

  1. Christian Clavier, Le père Nôel est une ordure (UK/US: Santa Claus is a Stinker), France, 1982.   In between their first two Les Bronzés, the French cinema’s new comedy kings, the Splendide troupe (splendid, indeed!) had enormous fun with  Christmas Eve at a suicide hot-line… you hadda be there! . Jugnot  refused to be, the  transvestite Katia. “My girlfiend will leave me if I shave off my moustache!”   He did remove it for the classic 1986 Tandem, because The Star (playing A Star) was the  more  famously moustachioed Jean Rochefort.  
  2. Michel Blanc, Je vous trouve très beau  (UK/US: You Are So Beautiful, France, 2005.  Actress-writer-director Isabelle Mergault staggred Blanc by offering him the lonely French farmer searchjng for a new spouse – well, hjelp-mate – in Roumania. “It’s a rolemade for Jugnot,: said  Blanc. (Jugnot and Mergault  had written his   Meilleur espoire fèminine together).  “Nobody had ever offered me such a role,: added Blanc. “I wondered if the public would be interested.”  It was.

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