Gerry Sundquist


  1. Paul Burton, Royal Flash, 1974.    Director Dick Lester had two attempts at filming the first Flashman  cut from under him.  He had  had better luck with the second book – with (at first) Sundquist as the victim o Malcolm McDowell’s titular cad. Author George  MacDonald Fraser, who worked with Lester on his Three/Four Musketeers, hated it and banned all other screen versions in his lifetime. Since his death in 2008, no one has planned any. Proof positive that no one loves such a cowardly bully (is there any other kind?) as Captain Harry Flashman

  2. Rupert Everett, Arthur The King, USA-Yugoslavia, TV, 1985.     Among the possible Lancelots – Richard Heffer,Barry Stokes, Lambert Wilson – in the worstCamelot saga ever made. Well, imagine Candice Bergen andDyanCannon in Camelot!

  3. Martin Kemp,  The Krays, 1989.      The Who singer Roger Daltrey (who played gangster John McVicar in 1979)  was the first producer interested in  a movie about London’s notorious twin mobsters – into armed robbery, arson, protection, assault, torture and murder. Reggie and Ronnie Kray were to be played by Sunquist and Hywel Bennett.  Director Peter Medak  used real twins – Gary and Martin Kemp of  the Spandau Ballet band –  and in 2014’s Legend, Tom Hardy played both of them. 

 Birth year: 1955Death year: 93Other name: Casting Calls:  3