Gijs Scholten Van Aschat


  1. Zeljko Ivanek, Dogville,  2003.  Director Lars von Trier  asked the award-winning Dutch stage star to join  his “film” without sets (or sense). Van Schat had to  refuse as he was preparing a theatre  role with friends.  Unlike Nicole Kidman, Ivanek stayed aboard the second film in  Von Trier’s  pretentious trilogy.
  2. Derek de Lint, Zwartboek/Black BookNetherlands-Germany-Belgium,  2006. Same play – new production – interfered when Dutch director Paul Verhoeven wanted Van Aschat as resistance leader Gerben Kuipers. De Lint took over, playing the complete opposite of his  collaborator in Verhoeven’s  previous WWII drama, Soldaat van Oranje/Soldier of Orange, 28 years before.


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