Gordon Anderson

1. – Sam Bottoms, Bronco Billy, 1979. The gay Gordon was Sondra Locke’s mentor, closest friend, soul mate and (lavender) husband since 1967. (He also looked like a her twin). Her most famous and controlling lover, Clint Eastwood, loved the guy and early on in his affair with Locke, suggested he play Leonard. Gordon passed.

2. – Louis Anderson, Ratboy, 1986. Eastwood said he wasn’t going to produce Locke’s directing debut – he just interferred. Every. Which Way. No way Gordon was going to be in film – “that’s nepotism,” said the guy who had made films with his son and daughter. Nor was she to use of Gordon’s clever re-writes of the script lying on Warner shelves since 1982. She got her way about having Gordon voice the titular boy, however. She added his tape to 40 other anonymous tests being voted upon by Clint and his Malpaso team. They all voted for Gordon. It was not long before Clint locked her out of the house he had bought her…

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