Gregory Ratoff

  1. Jean Hersholt, Break of Hearts, 1934.   John Cromwell was due to direct Ratoff and John Barrymore the year before. Then, the orchestral maestro and his old music teacher became Charles Boyer and Hersholt.  The Russian Ratoff was a terrible actor and an even worse director. That being said, he was the first to buy rights to the first 007 book, Casino Royale. And did nothing with it. And Ratoff being Ratoff, he  sold the rights to US TV.  (He could have made a hammy Le Chiffre or Goldfinger).
  2. Dan Dailey, Taxi, 1952. Gregory Ratoff’s wife saw Sans laisser d’address in Paris and felt it perfect for the Russian actor-“director.” However, Fox  felt he was too old (55 compared to the original Bernard Blier’s 36) which became John Garfield’s comeback project after his blacklisting. He died before shooting began and Dailey (37) became the Big Apple cabby helping a young Irish girl find her missing hubby. 

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