Griffin O’Neal

1. –  Ricky Shroder,  The  Champ,  1979. Italian stage and screen director Franco Zeffirelli’s  re-make was originally intended for Ryan O’Neal and his wild son, Griffin.  Junior was too mature, said Zeffirelli… while Ricky wept better than anyone in LA. 

2. –  Casey Siemaszko,  Gardens of Stone,  1987. During the May 1987  filming, Francis Coppola’s son, Giancarlo, 23, was killed in a boating accident, with Griffin at the helm. He was dropped from the film and indicted for manslaughter,. After a bright beginning, The Escape Artist, 1982,  Griffin fell into drugs and Z schlock like Assault of the Killer Bimboes, 1988.


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