Harold Gould

  1. Lew Parker, That Girl, TV, 1965. For a brief moment – the unaired pilot! – Gould fathered struggling New York actress Marlo Thomas. As he went on to work in practically every TV series known to America – 188 roles in 47 years – Parker (who made his debut at age 11 in Charlie Chaplin’s The Kid, 1921), became the parent who couldn’t spell. Called his restaurant: La Parisianne (sic).
  2. Tom Bosley, Happy Days, 1974-1984.In the pilot – actually a 1972  episode of Love, American Style  called Love and the Happy Days –  Richie Cunningham’s father was Gould.  By the time In the ABC suits decicdd on a series, he was in a  Broadway play and Bosley took over for 255 episodes – 85  more than than The Star, his screen sob Ron Howard!    In a 59-year career, Gould also fathered  Rhoda, 1974-1978, among 205 mainly TV credits  –  from The Untouchables  to Nip/Tuck

 Birth year: 1923Death year: 2010Other name: Casting Calls:  0