Heather Deeley

  1. Dory Devon, Blonde Ambition, 1981.      Yes, indeed, whatever happened to the young and lovely Heather Deeley…? She never turned up to play Candy Kane in the 1977 New York shoot and was substituted by a US actress Julie Hopkins, under a nom-de-porn. Apparently, there had been a call saying no way his girl was making the movie. A canny New Yorker, Amero guessed the caller was “a real gangster.” Bye-bye Heather… “Discovered” by London agent and sometime casting director Alan Selwyn, Deeley was cheekily named by UK director David Grant after the EMI tycoon Michael Deeley (future Oscar-winning producer of The Deer Hunter). She was a leading UK sex-film star (soft and hardcore) for two years, making five movies in 1975 alone: Diversions/Sex Express, Erotic Inferno (US: Adam and Nicole), Girls Come First, I’m Not Feeling Myself Tonight, Secrets of a Superstud (US: It’s Getting Harder All the Time). Apart from time out in a Soho peepshow, she vanished in 1977. UK sex-film historian David McGillivray said she is now completely forgotten.” Not. Quite.

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