Helen Walker

  1. Ruth Hussey, The Uninvited, 1944.   Walker and Veronica Lake tested for in Hollywood’s first serious  ghost story.  Much more than a haunted house number..
  2. Marjorie Reynolds, Heaven Only Knows, 1946.  Pitch: An angel lands in the Wild West to save a gambler’s soul… Walker needed such an angel. She had just won the important film, when she smashed her pelvis in a car crash on New Year’s Eve. Worse, she had given a lift to three hitch=hiking GIs – one died, the other two were severely injured.  They said she was drunk and speeding. She was crucified in the papers. Although acquitted of all criminal charges,  studios and fans turned against her… She came back in Nightmare Alley and Call Northside 777, 1947, but her career was never what it so nearly was. She died of cancer in 1968  at 47.

 Birth year: 1920Death year: 1968Other name: Casting Calls:  2