Henry Darrow


  1. Guy Williams,  Zorro, TV, 1957-1961.    Because it was for Walt Disney, who had just made a big star out of Fess Parker as Davy Crockett, the first casting call in March 1957, was answered by 130 Zorro wannabes! Including many of Hispanic parentage – like Darrow, ex-Enrique Tomás Delgado. However, it was Williams shooting the opener, Presenting Senor Zorro, during July 15-26. Darrow’s day would come…  He’s the sole actor bring involved in three versions of Zorro and the first Latino to play the hero on TV. First, he voiced the hero in 1981 toon series, The New Adventures of Zorro, then played the aged hero in Zorro and Son, lasting just five episodes in 1983, and finally Darrow was Zorro’s impulsive father, Don Alejandro, for 62 chapters of Zorro, during 1990-1993.
  2. Jack Colvin, Child’s Play,1988.  One of the unlucky 13 actors up for Dr Ardmore – double the total seen for the four other main roles in the tale  of a doll inhabited by a serial killer’s soul. Other potential medics were Darrow, Matt Clark, William Daniels, Richard Dysart, Art Evans, Clu Gulager, Bruce McGill, Donald Moffat, Dean Stockwell, Al Waxman – plus Charles Hallahan, John P Ryan and Harris Yulin from director Tom Holland’s previous release, Fatal Beauty. 

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    Missing the mark… of Zorro.  Guy Williams (in his Walt Disneyesque moustache) won the 50s’ TV series. Henry Darrow did not. Or not until the 80s’ cartoons and when looking more like David Niven when headingZorro & Son series.                                [© Walt Disney Productions,1983]

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