Howard Cosell

  1. John Carradine, Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex * But Were Afraid To Ask, 1971. Woody Allen felt the ABC TV sports commentator looked like a young Peter Lorre (!). He had been allowed to improvise as himself in Bananas, 1970, but this offer was for an insane sex researcher. No way! Cosell fretted too much about his image And what was that image? According to him: “Arrogant, pompous, obnoxious, vain, cruel, verbose, show-off”! The best-selling author, Dr David Reuben (150m copies sold in 52 countries) hated the film, but then Woody’s parody of the best-seller was his revenge on Reuben for sealing one of his Take The Money And Run jokes on TV. Johnny Carson: “Is sex dirty?” Reuben: “It is if you’re doing it right.”

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