Ian Somerhalder


  1. Jason Ritter, Fredddy vs Jason, 2003.      “Too pretty”! When Brad Renfro was dumped after a few days for being “too strung out” to work, Somerhalder was seen – and director Ronny Yu immediately disliked his (good) looks.   Yu sent for Ritter, despite having previously rejected him as not right for Will Rollins. Ritter tproved go be the best actor in the movie. Suits!
  2. Austin Nichols,  Wimbledon, 2003.   Soon to be Lost,Somerhalder was trounced  in straight sets by theTexan Nichols for Jake Hammond in the tennis love match between Kirsten Dunst and Paul Bettany – cute said Rolling Stone’s Peter Travers, to  the point of adorable.
  3. Brandon Routh, Superman Returns, 2005.
  4. Stephen Moyer, True Blood, TV,  2008-2014.      Lost no more, Ian struck out twice for roles in the vampire series produced by Alan (Six Feet Under) Ball.  Ian first tested for the 168-year-old  Vampire Bill  – “tall, dark and dead.”
  5. Ryan Kwanten, True Blood, TV,2008-13.     … and next, forbad boy Jason Stackhouse in what became HBO’s biggest global hit since The Sopranos.And so, Ian went to CBS and won Damon Salvatore in Kevin Williamson’s…Vampire Diaries, TV, 2009-13.
  6. Henry Cavill, Man of Steel, 2011
  7. Jake Abel, The Host, 2012.     Change of  O’Shea in New Zealand director Andrew Niccol’s film of Twilight author Stephenie Meyer’s sf book. Dane DeHaan, Thomas McDonnell and  Augustus Prew also auditioned for Ian.






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