Payday Loans

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Cary Guffey

  1. Danny Lloyd, The Shining, 1979.       Stanley Kubrick had but one thought for who should play Jack Nicholson’s son, Danny, in the Stephen King classic - the kid who had impressed him so much in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, 1976. “My parents rated me PG. I couldn't be in anything I couldn't see.” Team Kubrick (Leon and Kersti Vitali) searched for six months through 5,000 applicants in Chicago, Cincinnati and Denver. Only one kid moved a finger when talking as Tony. Six-year-old Danny in Chicago. So Danny played Danny, just as Jack (Nicholson) played Jack. The kid never knew he was making a horror film and was 17 before he saw the full movie. Three-and-a-half in CE3K, Guffey married in 1997 and had two children. “I don't want the greatest thing I do in life to be something I did when I was four,” declared Guffey, who made his tenth and last screen role in 1984. “I’m trying to grow and develop all my gifts and talents, not trying to grow into a shirt that is too small for me.”

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