Payday Loans

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Alyson Hannigan

  1. Mena Suvari,  American Pie, 1998.     She was asked to read for Heather and suddenly won Michelle.    How come ?  Well… she arrived at the callback badly needing to pee.  Her name was called the very second she came out of the bathroom and she had no time to settle down  after her urgency and, therefore,  her reading was rather more quirky than  planned.  Perfect, everyone agreed, for Michelle.   Mena is really all-American. Her other titles include American Beauty, American Virgin... and  the casting of a series originally called Americana
  2. Mena Suvari, American Beauty, 1998.   Welcome to Hollywood…! For his first LA movie - for a producer called Spielberg! - UK stage director Sam Mendes saw all the current young Hollywood babes for Kevin Spacey’s Lolita-esque infatuation (she was even called… not Haze, but Hayes). And he was turned down by Kirsten Dunst, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alyson Hannigan, Katie Holmes, Kate Hudson, Brittany Murphy, Leelee Soboeski - and Tiffani Thiessen lost her audition. That’s not Mena on the poster, though; the hand and stomach belong to actress-model Chloe Hunter.
  3. Kirsten Dunst, Spider-Man, 2001.
  4. Sara Gilbert, Americana, TV, 2004.    Booked to replace Paula Cale, Hannigan quit the series before David Schwimmer started directing the pilot. Jennifer Love Hewitt’s new best buddy became Gilbert - kid sister of Little House on the Prairie icon, Melissa Gilbert.


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