Payday Loans

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Valerie Perrine

  1. Lynn Redgrave, The Happy Hooker, 1975.    Bold as ever, Valerie was keen until advised that playing the famous hooker could ruin her chances of an Oscar for her role  in  Lenny.   As if it could hurt.   Her Lenny role was...   a bisexual stripper on drugs!
  2. Jessica Lange, King Kong, 1976.    Like all Italians, producer Dino De Laurentiis likes them plump and felt Jessica too gawky, skinny.   "It was the cameraman who really wanted me," she remembered.
  3. Jill Clayburgh, Gable and Lombard, 1976.    That summer,   movieland bios were in (the toilet) and Valerie preferred Carlotta Monti opposite Rod Steiger in  WC And Me.   "And I never liked WC Fields."
  4. Deanne Lund, Hardly Working, 1979.     For his first movie in eight years,   Jerry Lewis' budget could only afford a TV face as his gal. During the 90s, Deanne   was the lover of CNN’s Larry King.


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