Payday Loans

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Jeremy Piven

1. - Ralph Fiennes, Red Dragon, 2002. Auditioned for the highly tattooed serial killer Francis Dolarhyde. In good company. Paul Bettany, Nic Cage and Sean Penn were also considered.

2. - Ashton Kutcher, Two And A Half Men, TV, 2011- . Highest paid comedy TV star Charlie Sheen was sacked after eight years due to his meltdown feud with the show’s co-creator Chuck Lorre - massive news on TV, Twitter, Facebook, every media known to man, plus Sheen’s own national tour. Unless he could find a someone to be excited about, Lorre wasn’t sure if he wanted to continue Men - he already had two other hits, Mike & Molly and The Big Bang Theory. Suggestions included Piven, Hugh Grant, Woody Harrelson, Rob Lowe, John Stamos. Enter: Kutcher, star of That '70s Show. He already had a Warner deal via his Katalyst company - and so, the studio’s billion dollar syndication income was secured. Because that’s all this casting call was all about. Money.


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