Payday Loans

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Liselotte Pulver

1. - Haya Harareet, Ben-Hur, 1959.  The fast-rising Swiss-born German star was quickly chased by Hollywood directors.  William Wyler saw her for   Esther...

2. - Sophia Loren, El Cid, Italy-UK-US, 1961. ... and  Anthony Mann tested  Lilo for  Jimena, also opposite Charlton Heston.  In  both cases she was committed to German contracts to be Antonia “Tony” Buddenbrook-Grünlich in two films of Thomas Mann’s Buddenbrooks.   “The biggest disappointments of my career.”  She later went Hollywood in A Time To Love And A Time To Die, 1958,  Billy Wilder’s One, Two, Three, 1961, and A Global Affair, 1964 with... Bob Hope. After which, she never strayed again! 

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