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Benoit Poelvoorde


  1. Roberto Benigni, Astérix et Obélisk contre César, France-Germany-Italy, 1998.    Main casting decided itself:little Christian Clavier, enormous GérardDepardieu - but who for Tullius Destructivus? Top French producer Claude Berri loved the Belgian comic - who refused. OK then, Benigni. He kept yelling “Ah! Claude Berri,.. Ah! Claude Berri...” (and when the realisateur also showed up: “Ah! Claude Zidi,.. Ah! Claude Zidi..”) yet remained hesitant of a scriptthat was not his (or Fellini’s). Finally, he called “Ah! Claude Berri... Yesterday, I said No. Today, I say Yes.”(So did Poelvoorde for Brutusinthe third film, Astérix aux jeux olympiques, produced in 2007 by Berri’s 2011-Oscar-winning son, Thomas Langmann.
  2. Franck Dubosc, Cinéman, France,  2008.     Realisateur Yanne Moix could not persuade Ben, the Belgian star of his 2003 Podium,  to join the next venture. Enter the (too) handsome stand-up Dubosc in his 34thfilm as the maths teacher who travels into movies to save the woman of his dreams and return her  to the correct film.  No, the public didn’t get it either. Huge flop. 
  3. Pierre Arditi, Coeurs, France, 2006.     For the second Alain and Alan meeting - aged French nouvelle vague icon Resnais, and UK playwright Ayckbourn - Arditi played the drunken ex-army officer in some rehearsals opposite Benoit Poelvoorde’s bartender. The Belgian actor did not really mesh with Resnais. So, and Arditi (in his eighth of nine Resnais films) tended the bar, Poelvoorde went home and Lambert Wilson went, more or less, into uniform.

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