Payday Loans

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Claude Jarman (Jr)

  1. Dean Stockwell, The Secret Garden, 1948.   So who should be the invalid kid Colin in MGM’s take on the 1909 tearjerker novel? The kid given a special  Oscar at age 12 for his debut, The Yearling, 1946, or The Boy With Green Hair, 1946?    Well, Stockwell was  two years, younger, a better actor (as of 2015, he had played 205 screen rôles to Jarman’s 14) andhe was under contract to Metro. Problem solved. 

  2. Sal Mineo, Rebel Without a Cause, 1955.     Future West Side Story co-stars Richard Beymer and Russ Tamblyn were up for Plato. Plius… junior Jarman (no longer the kid from The Yearling, 1945), Bobby Driscoll (no longer young Jim Hawkins from Disney’s Treasure Island, 1949) and Johnny Sheffield - no longer Tarzan’s adopted son, Boy. (He had to be “adopted” in seven films during 1938-1947, because, heaven forfend, the ape-man and his woman, Jane, were not wed!).

  3. Earl Holliman, Giant, 1955

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