Payday Loans

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Corey Reynolds


  1. Nick Jones, Green Lantern, 2010.      Same role, different name... Corey, writer and actor (Sergeant David Gabriel in The Closer, 2005-2011) was a comic book buff and met with Warner Bros about playing John Stewart, the only black version of the titular hero (there are six variations). Corey penned Green Lantern: Birth of a Hero in June 2007. Warner liked it and suggested a 2010 release. And then switched from Stewart (based by his creators on Sidney Poitier) to the test pilot Hal Jordan manifestation (kinda Paul Newman). In contrast to Corey, Ryan admitted knowing little about Lantern... until director Martin Campbell wised him up. Worse, John Stewart pops up in the movie - but played by Jones. (A few years earlier, the bald and bearded Chicago rapper Common had been booked to be John Stewart in George Miller’s eventually canceled Justice League project).

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