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David Tennant


  1. Alan David, Doctor Who #159: The Unquiet Dead, TV, 2005.     A meeting of Doctors was avoided by ageism. Producer Russell T Davies wanted a younger Sneed - and the future Doc10 was pencilled in for the undertaker. Writer Mark Gatiss suggested going older with Alan opposite Doc9 Christopher Eccelston.
  2. Johnny Lee Miller, The Flying Scotsman, 2006.      Delayed shooting dates collided with Tennant’s schedule. A great pity as the Scot was rather more suited to the true tale - not of the celebrated  express train, but obsessve (indeed, depressive) Scottish cyclist Graeme Obree,  who built his own aerodynamic bike from bits of old washing machines, captured  the world hour record and the title stripped off him
  3. Andy Serkis, Burke and Hare, 2009.      NBC would not release him because he’d just shot a pilot if it became a series he’d be required in LA.  Serkis (the performance-captured King Kong and  Gollum) took over as grave-robber Hare opposite  Simon Pegg’s Burke. And then, but of course, the Tennant’s Rex Is Not Your Lawyer  series never took off
  4. James McAvoy, Arthur Christmas, 2010.  The Doctor was the original choice for clumsy Arthur, then Will Ferrell, Andy Samberg and…finally… another Scot.
  5.  Martin Freeman, The Hobbit trilogy, 2011-2012.
  6. Lee Pace, The Hobbit trilogy, 2011-2012.
  7. Julie Walters, Brave, 2012. With a year to go on his Doctor Who contract, Tennant must have been gobsmacked when asked to voice… The Witch! In the tale of Disney’s first Scottish princess. Two more BBC Scots - Richard Wilson and Annette Crosbie from the 1990-2001 One Foot in the Grave- were each offered the same rôle
  8. Bradley Cooper, Guardians of the Galaxy, 2013.    The most Lucasian of the Marvel films… H Jon Benjamin,  Jim Carrey, Sharlto Copley, Danny De Vito, Michael Rooker and  Adam Sandler were also short-listed to voice the gnarled, miserable, angry Rocket Raccoon. (Well, he is half-machine/half-raccoon).
  9. Luke Evans, Fast & Furious 6, 2013.   Doc10 and Jason Statham was also up for the best villain of the franchise.  The Welsh Evans was perfect, described by  US  critic Steven Boone as looking like the most  evil parts of Leonardo DiCaprio and Jude Law mashed together.  (Statham took over the role in  the succeeding chapter in 2014). 
  10. Mads Mikkelsen, Hannibal, TV, 2013-2015.    As if he hadn’t been Doctor Whoand everyone was talking about Broadchurch,Tennant had to audition for Hannibal Lecter…  Showrunner Bryan Fuller was so impressed, he wanted tol write him a deranged guest killer. Wow!  Fuller also considered his Pushing Daisies star, Lee Pace - booked by Broadway.  So,  Hannibalia igoes on forever. First the 1986 movie, Manhunter, then 1990’s  far mode successful Silence of the Lambs, then the sequels, and now a series. What next? Hannibal In Space?

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