Payday Loans

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Busy Phillips

  1. Linda Cardenelli, Freaks & Geeks, TV, 1999-2000.      Busy auditioned for Lindsay Weir and was awarded  Kim Kelly… and, apparently, Busy and her freak partner, James Franco, loathed each other. In his future movies, producer Judd Apatow used  many people from the series, his way of  “refusing to accept that the show was canceled.”  (The blonde Busy  and Linda both attended LA’s Jesuist Loyola Marymount University).
  2. Shiri Appleby, Roswsell, TV, 1999-2002.      As the winners did,  actresses auditioned for all three roles: Liz…
  3. Majandra Delfino, Roswsell, TV, 1999-2002.     … Maria…
  4. Katharine Heigl, Roswsell, TV, 1999-2002.     …and Isabel.
  5. Jordana Brewster, The Fast and The Furious,  2000.     Mia Toretto was written for Eliza Dushku but she passed.   Jessica Biel auditioned, as did  Phillips, Kirsten Dunst, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Natalie Portman. Brewster returned for  chapters 4, 5, 6 and was filming #7 when co-star Paul Walker as killed in an off-duty  car crash on November 30, 2013, at age 40. (He was not driving). 

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