Payday Loans
Eddie Deezen

  1. Clint Howard, Rock ‘n’ Roll High School, 1979.     Eaglebauer was created for the geeky Deezen. But so was a role in Steven Spielberg's 1941. Who ya gonna play with?
  2. Rick Moranis, Ghostbusters, 1983. The paranormal was, said Dan Aykrod, his family’s business. That and having stayed in a house haunted by Mama Cass Elliott inspired his dark, futuristic update of such 40s’ comedies as Bob Hope’s Ghost Breakers and the Bowery Boys as Ghost Chasers -  penned for John Belushi, Eddie Murphy and himself. Dan was actually writing a line for John when called with the  shock news of his death. (He said  Slimer was John‘s ghost). Murphy was busy (policing Beverly Hills !) as the script was totally respun and/or improvised, leaving little of Danls dark, futuristyic take on 40s’ ghost frolics.  The geeky Deezen and rotund John Candy were  in the mix for Louis Tully - finally played  by Candy’s SCTV  cohort.
  3. Charles Fleischer, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, 1987.      For the chief murder suspect, a Hollywood carton rabbit star, producer Steven Spielberg looked at his 1941 player Eddie Deezen, plus Paul Reubens and Wallace Shawn before voting Fleischer. Co-star Bob Hoskins thought him "completely nuts" - for insisting on wearing a rabbit suit when voicing Roger live on the set. Never heard what he wore when also supplying the voices of Benny The Cab and two Judge Doom’s dwarfs, er weasals, Greasy and Psycho.

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