Payday Loans
Forrest Tucker (1919-1986)

  1. John Wayne, Sands of Iwo Jima, 1949.      John Wayne missed WWII and always regretted it, but made up for it in his gung-ho war movies. Director Allan Dwan only had one question: Is there a part in it for Yates’ girlfiend? “Because if there was, I wasn’t going to do the picture.” There wasn’t. For once, Republic boss Herbert J Yates did not force his future wife, the Czech Vera Ralston, into a film. (She could ice-skate, but not act). But Yates did want Wayne-Ralston for another project and suggested Tucker take over Sergent Stryker. Dwan refused. “Tucker lacked that zing that Wayne had.” Until, apparently, he dropped his shorts. Anyway, Washington and the Marine Corps insisted on Sergeant Duke.
  2. Tom Drake, The Howards of Virginia, 1939.     Tucker played James Howard in the early sequences (with Dickie Jones as the 12-year-old Cary Grant character). Then, director Frank Lloyd re-shot everything with Jones and Ralph Byrd - the 1950-1952 Dick Tracy.
  3. Rock Hudson, Giant, 1955.

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