Payday Loans
Rich Little


  1. Peter Bogdanovich, The Other Side of the Wind, 1970.  Having had no substantial acting experience, Bogdanovich was intrigued by Orson Wellses’ invitation to join his (final) film. “A bit part but Orson urgently wanted me to play it …immediately. I explained I was about to get on a plane to Dallas but Orson said, ‘I’ll meet you at the airport’’ Welles arrived with a small camera crew and told Bogdanovich to portray an eager young cineaste- type-casting! Welles even offered a few sample lines of dialogue. “I asked him if it was OK if I did the scene as a sort of Jerry Lewis impression. I knew Lewis and did him convincingly. Fine!So we shot it and it may have been a bit campy but he seemedpleased.”In accepting the role, however, Bogdanovich didn’t realize he would be making a virtual lifelong commitment. Not only was he destined to be involved as an actor, but, in years to come, he would devote an abundance of time to the film in many areas. Eventually, Bogdanovich replaced Canadian impersonator Rich Little, who fled afterthree weeks of confusion over his role of Ottertlake. Little admired Welles but he didn’t like his lines and was worried over the ever-lengthening schedule. The on/off shooting took six years. The released took another 42 years… until Netflix rescued and reconstructed  the film for 2018. 

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