Payday Loans
Jack Elam (1918-2003)

  1. Henry Slate, The Frogmen, 1950.  Change of  Sleepy in the war film about the Navy SEALS forerunner: UDTs.  Underwater Demolition Teams.
  2. Jonathan Harris, Lost In Space, TV, 1965-68. Elam plus Victor Buono and  Carroll O’Connor were all seen for the acidic,  waspish (ie scarcastic) Dr Zachary Smith.
  3.  Al Murlock, Il Buono, il brutto, uil cattivo/The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Italy-Spain, 1966. Turned down the role of the one-armed gunslinger mowed down by il brutto Wallach,  Murlock committed suicide during his next Leone film two years later, C’era una volta il/Once Upon A Time in the West.
  4. Henry Fonda, The Cheyenne Social Club, 1970. Two old cowpokes inherit a whorehouse. James Stewart loved it; not Fonda.  The old pals started pushing for Elam,  a great character cowpoke to play Harley.  They set up a screening of one of his movies for scenarist James  Lee Barrett and director Gene Kelly. "But," recalled Elam, "Barrett and Kelly didn't want  to hear about Stewart and  Elam nohow. They wanted Stewart and Fonda." Maybe just as well, as only Fonda could have got  Stewart through the filming once news arrived from Vietnam about the death of his stepson, Ronald. 



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