Irving Pichel

  1. Fredric March, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, 1931.     The trouble with Pichel said director Rouben Mamoulian, was that he’d be agreat Hyde but alousy Jekyll. (It was vice-versa with the similarly vetoed Phillips Holmes). Paramount chief Adolph Zukor was also unimpressed with March – untilhe wonthe first of his two Oscars and launched a whole new career. 
  2. Leo Carrillo, Viva Villa, 1933.       Once Jack Conway took over from Howard Hawks after actor Lee Tracy allegedly urinated on the Revolution Day parade in Mexico, several Hawksian actors were dropped, including Pichel as Sierra.  In his 1930-1951, Pichel acted in 70 movies, directed 38 and discovered Natalie Wood – at age four –  for his WWII drama, The Moon Is Down, 1942.

 Birth year: 1918Death year: Other name: 1954Casting Calls:  2