James Dornan

  1. Diego Boneta, Rock of Ages, 2011.   Dorman lost Drew Boley to the new  Mexican find – ffrom Pretty Little Liars and the new 90210   No great loss as all eyes were on Tom Cruise’s staggering rock star Stacee Jaxx – aka Jim Morrison meets Axel Rose, Alec Baldwin called it a horrible movie.  “I only did it to work with Tom.” Well, the audition worked.  They stayed together for Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, 2014.

  2. Ben Peel, The Fall, TV, 2012-2014 . The Fall proved the rise for ex-Calvin Klein model – the Irishman who was Keira Knightley’s lover for two years and known as “the golden torso.” He auditioned for a cop, then shot off to LA, renting a flat and a car for auditions during trhe pilots’ season. Then the BBC called him back – to read for he lead. “Do I take offence that whatever I did trying to play a detective, they saw the serial killer in me? Is that a compliment.” No, his biggest break – opposite Gillian Anderson as the London cop hunting him in Belfast.

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