Jane Hamilton

  1. Kathleen Turner, Crimesof Passion, 1984.     Hollywood did not approve, yet UK firebrand Ken Russell still auditioned Jane, aka  one of the rare decent porno actresses.  As Veronica Hart she had pulled off  a double whammy , winning both best and supporting actress awards in 1981 for Roomates and Foxtrot – Bette Davis, Jane Fonda, Kate Hepburn or Meryl Streep never equalled that on Oscarnight!   Ironically, as Hart started a straight career as Hamilton, the Russell mess opened in Paris under the decidedly porny title of The Days and Nights of China Blue!  Jane had a small role in Boogie Nights, 1997, where her career had been the inspiration for Julianne Moore’s Amber Waves porn queen character.  Finding it difficult to attain straight work as Hamilton, she resumed her Hart monicker as a porno actress and director in the 90s.



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