Jane Wyatt

  1. Maureen O’Sullivan, The Bishop Misbehaves, 1934.    Broadway’s main trio – Jane Wyatt, Alan Marshal and Walter Connolly as the bishop turned detective –  were examined by Hollywood. And made over as O’Sullivan, Norman Foster and, in his Hollywood debut, Edmund Gwenn. UK censors ordered a new title, The Bishop’s Misadventures  “because bishops do not misbehave.” Of course not!

  2.  Irene Dunne, Magnificent Obsession, 1935.   Universal’’s top tearjerker…   Wyatt was also seen for the blinded widow heroine (she had it all!) saved from a tearjerking fate worse than whatever by Robert Taylor’s star-making breakthrough.  Likewise for Rock Hudson in the 1953 re-make with Jane Wyman – despite often needing up to 40 takes for a  scene.

  3. June Lang, Nancy Steele Is Missing, 1936.       Exploiting the Lindbergh baby kidnapping in a convoluted manner, the drama had Nancy meeting her kidnapper 20 years later and believing him to be her father. (I did say convoluted!). Among the potential Nancies were: Wyatt, Frances Dee, Francis Farmer and Jean Parker.
  4. Ruth Warrick, Iron Major, 1943.    Wyatt tested for Florence Ayres Cavanaugh – wife of  Pat O’Brien’s Cav Cavanaugh, WWI hero and football coach.  In short: like a reprise of his  1940 Knute Rockne – All American, another fast-talker.  But then as  web critic  bkoganbing  pointed out: “The only time O’Brien slowed down was when he played priests.”


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