Janice Rule


  1. Grace Kelly,Fourteen Hours, 1950.    Director Henry Hathaway recalled testing three unknowns on the same day for Mrs. Louise Ann Fullerin the man-on-a-ledge thriller. Kelly got the role (her debut),  Bancroft got a Fox  contract, and after seeing her tests, Rule was pacted by Warner Bros.  A good day’s work!  Kelly was later pacted by Monaco. 
  2. Eva Marie Saint, On The Waterfront, 1953.     Janice ruled that Broadway was better for her than Hollywood – where she was hyped as a sex symbol. Rule stayed in the Picnic play, Saint won an Oscar and Janice lost her Warner contract due to  “misbehaviour. ” Er, isn’t that was sex symbols were supposed to do…
  3. Betta St John, The Student Prince, 1954.    Change of the wealthy Princess Johanna of Nordhausen due to wed the poor prince of Karklsburg… after the 1962 version collapsed due to Mario Lanza’s gigantic row with MGM. “No director tells me how to sing!” Eventually, Edmund Purdom went royal, miming to the best of tubby Lanza. His voice.
  4. Patricia Crowley, The Man From UNCLE, TV, 1964-1968.    Robert Vaughn’s leading lady was going to be the then wife of his pal, Ben Gazzara. Until Vaughn discovered that her contract stipulated being photographed from her left side only…Vaughn also favoured his left. So, an impossible couple. Vaughn “used my newly acquired power and Janice did not get the job.” 

 Birth year: 1931Death year: 2003Other name: Casting Calls:  4