Janine Turner

  1. Rosie O’Donnell, The Flintstones, 1994.      O’Donnell gasped: “Oh, my God Betty Rubble is so thin! I’ll have to lose weight.” Turner, a  delightful Nebraskian – and Tracey Ullman – were seen for the  wife of Fred Flintstone’s best pal  in the live action take on on the Stone Age cartoon series (The Simpsons of its days, 1960-1966).  It would never have happened if Goodman had been  unableto squeeze it in  during his Roseanne series hiatus. Because, according to co-creator Joseph Barbera: “When John Goodman was born, he was stamped Fred Flintstone right there on his bottom.”
  2. Rene Russo, Tin Cup, 1995.      In the mix for the leggy shrink (most critics said that) entering the golf world to find Kevin Costner teed up against Don Johnson. Few films are made about golf. (Clint Eastwood had tried to mount one with Sean Connery). This one is the best. Well, of course. It was by the great sports-movie writer-director, Ron Shelton.

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