Jared Padalecki

  1. Jonathan Jackson, Tuck Everlasting, 2002.    Director Jay Russell thought it a good idea to keep the Gilmore Girls TV stars Padalecki and Alexis Bledel together. Padalecki did not. He wanted a change of scenery. And co-star.
  2. Jensen Ackles,  Supernatural, TV, 2005-09. Ackles had won the role of Sam Winchester – until the taller Texan blew him out. The producers suggested that Ackles play Sam’s brother, Dean – saying he was the Han Solo type and what kid didn’t grow up wanting to be Han Solo? Sure, said Ackles, that was the role he’d always wanted in the first place. Because it was funny.
  3. Brandon Routh, Superman Returns,  2006.
  4. Jason Momoa, Conan The Babarian, 2010.    The Supernatural TV star lost out to the Stargate: Atlantis TV star in the battle to the reboot of the old Arnold Schwarzenegger franchise.  

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