Jason Mewes

  1. Jason Biggs, Jersey Girl, 2004.     Sad. Silent Bob (auteur Kevin Smith) couldn’t work with Jay again, due to Jason’s substance abuse. Mewes kept his promise to Kevin and was clean in time for Clerks II, 2005.
  2. Sam Huntingdon, Superman Returns, 2005.
  3. Tracy Morgan, Cop Out, 2009.       Warner picked up the script when Gold Circle dropped it in 2008. And turned James Gandolfini-Robin Williams into Bruce Willis-Morgan as (first title) A Couple of Dicks.   Director Kevin Smith’s most successful film. (The first he didn’t script, you see). He’d wanted to team his chums Ben Affleck-Jason Mewes but Warner craved Star Power. Poor Smith did not get on as well with Willis as when they co-starred in Love Free or Die Hard, 2006. “I don’t wish him poorly or anything like that,” he said at Comic Con 2014, “but I just don’t want to be near him ever again…. -the unhappiest, most bitter, and meanest emo-bitch I’ve ever met at any job I’ve held down.” Their relationship can best be summed by Willis telling Smith: “I’m Bruce Willis! I’ve been Bruce Willis successfully for 25 years! How long you been Silent Bob, motherfucker

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