Jay Mohr

  1. Jerry O’Connell, Jerry Maguire, 1996.     “I remembered him from SaturdayNight Live. We were like: where do we put this guy?” First off, the New Jersey stand-up read for the golden boy quarterback Cush – then found his place Maguire’s oily protégé Bob Sugar. “
Hewas just improvising, and wasn’t intimidated,”auteurCameron Crowe told Deadline Hollywood’s 20 years later feature. “He licked his chops in a perfect way as he took Jerry Maguire down. We were just howling in the room. He was the guy. He was Sugar.  [He] did this insane eight-minute run of improv, taking calls from Donal Logue and fighting for all his clients and telling you why Jerry’s a terrible agent That’s just a tour de forceclip in our Blu-ray doc.”
  2. Timothy Olyphant, Go, 1999.   Some guys are never satisfied…  Mohr won the lead, yet continued to fight for the drug-dealer  role – centre of three differing views of an LA score on Christmas Eve.

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