Jazz Raycole


  1. Jennifer Freeman, My Wife and Kids. TV, 2001-2005. Damon Wayans devised everything… He was  creator, writer and one of 30 producers across 123 chapters… as Michael Richard Kyle Sr., father of three. Claire, the middle child, was Jazz (from Jazzmine) for the first dozen episodes. Then, her mother pulled her out because the second season began with Claire’s friend, Charmaine, being pregnant. (Jazz’s career was not damaged; she totaled 42 credits by 2020). Freeman took over for the next 111 shows.  In her first, Wayans looked her over and said: “I don’t know what it is, but you look like a whole new person!” Wayans said the series was inspired by The Cosby Sho , 19841992  – not something you boast about  since Bill Cosby was jailed in 2018 for three-to-ten years for three cases of aggravated  indecent assault. 

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    Jazz Raycole was Claire Kyle before  Jennifer Freeman       [© ABC]

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